Custom Dining Room Table Pads

Since 1938!

Dressler makes protective table pads for dining room tables. We offer two thicknesses of table pads, 3/8" thick and 1/2 inch thick. Dressler  guarantees that your dining table pads will fit perfectly and we back up this guarantee with our Money Back Guarantee and our Lifetime Warranty. We have been serving our ucstomers since 1938.
Pad Locks
Dressler's Pad Locks lock your table pad and leaf pad sections together with a positive locking action. In contrast, magnets do not actually lock the sections together, they merely "hold" them in proximity and the sections can be easily pulled apart.
Guaranteed Fit
Dressler guarantees the fit of your table pads. In the unlikely even of a fit issue, we will remake your table pads at absolutely no charge.
Lifetime Warranty
Dressler's Lifetime Warranty guarantees your table pads.
Your Dining Room Table Needs Protection.
A dining table pad is the best way to protect your table. You appreciate the beauty and value of your table, but kids, pets and even friends and relatives often do not. Kids see the perfect arts and crafts station, pets can climb up on your table - and at some point, a dinner guest will inevitably tip over a wine glass. A table pad will protect your table from these accidents.

There are many ways that your table's fine finish can be damaged, some of which can be most unexpected.

Excessive heat from serving dishes and hot liquids can discolor your table's finish, as can hot candle wax dripping from a centerpiece. Exposure to direct sunlight overtime can fade and discolor your table's finish.

Water and alcohol can stain and damage your table. Condensation from cold drinks can leave a permanent water mark, alcohol spills can lift your finish and red wine can leave a colorful stain.

Scratches, nicks and dents can happen at a moment's notice. Children doing homework or projects can scratch your table with their books, pens, and craft supplies. Cats and dogs may climb up and do irreversible damage to your table with their curious claws.

Dropped dishes, china and glassware can scratch and dent your table. Your dining room table is a long-lasting, beautiful piece of furniture. Give it the protection it needs with a custom made table pad from Dressler.

Custom Made Table Pads
Custom table pads are manufactured to fit the top flat surface of your table. Industry standards allow for a 1/8 inch variance between the table pad and the table's flat top surface.

Many tables have beveled or sloping edges. It is important to note that table pads are designed to be table top pads that cover only the flat top surface of a table and they should not extend over the beveled or sloping edges.
Table Pad Construction
Standard construction is for two pieces - one piece for each half of the table. Each extension leaf is also a separate table pad piece. Therefore, a table with two leaf extensions is manufactured in four table pad pieces - two pieces for the table itself and one piece for each leaf extension. This allows you to use your table when you use your table only - without leaf extensions - and when you use one or two leaf extensions. The Pad Lock feature locks your table pad sections together - again in whatever combinations of table and extension leaf that you utilize. Each table pad piece folds in half. The top faces of the table pad fold against each other for storage.
Table Shapes
The shape of your table determines how to order your table pads. For round measure the diameter of your table top. For square measure the size. For rectangular measure the both the width and the length. . For oval, a pattern tracing of one half of your table top is needed. Odd shaped tables also need a pattern tracing. Click Here for instructions on making a pattern.