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  Shop SELECT Table Pads
The SELECT grade pad is approximately 3/8" thick and gives heat protection to 350 degrees. The SELECT comes in 12 color choices for the top and 2 Velvet choices for the base. Pad Locks are optional.
Table Pads

The ELITE grade pad is approximately 1/2" thick and gives heat protection to 575 degrees. The ELITE comes in 18 color choices for the top and 5 Velvet choices for the base. Pad Locks are optional.
 Shop ATHENA Table Pads
The Athena is our designer-grade table pad. It is approximately 9/16” thick. Choose from 30 colors including premium vinyls for the top and 9 colors in either Velvet or suede-like cloth base. Sturdy Pad Locks are included.

Table pads can be ordered in the Houston area by using our free measuring service. One of our professional measurers will
come to your house to measure for table pads, make a pattern, show color samples of our table pads and also samples of table pads.
To make an appointment for this free service, please call 281-367-5212.

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Why use table pads?
Table pads will protect your table from scratches, heat, dents and spills. With table pads you can use your table for parties, homework, games and craft projects without being concerned about damage to your table.

Why get table pads from Dressler?
With Dressler you get the highest quality table pads at the lowest price. We give you free shipping, a senior citizen discount, lifetime warranty and a money back guarantee. We are the only table pad company that gives you a money back guarantee.

Your choices
We offer 3 grades of table pads so you can get a pad that fits your budget. CLICK HERE to see our 3 grades of table pads.

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