Oval Table Oval Tables

If you take a pattern of your table and send it to us, we'll know how to make a table pad that exactly fits your table.

Tape about four sheets of newspaper together.  Don't worry about lining them up or anything.  They can overlap, and be joined together in  any-old-way so long as they lie flat.

Pull your table apart.  If you have any leaves in the center, take them out.  Put the newspaper over half the table, smooth it flat, and put a few books down to hold it steady.

Now comes the fun part.  Find a kid's crayon and peel off its paper wrapping.  Holding the crayon flat, run it quickly around the flat edge of the table to trace a thin line showing us the shape you'd like us to make your table pad.

That's it!  Send us the pattern, and click on this paragraph to go back to the on line order form.!