Drop Leaf Tables

We could write a book about drop leaf tables.  There are so many kinds of them

Some are round with leaves in the center.

Some are square in the center and round on the side.

Some are oval, or corner pattern, or whatever.

How can you order a pad for a drop leaf table?  Take a pattern of the whole
darn thing.  Tape together enough sheets of newspaper to cover the whole
surface.  Find a kid's crayon and peel off some of it's paper wrapping.

Now, holding the crayon flat, run it quickly around the flat edge of the table
to trace a thin line showing us its shape.  Make sure you press a little harder
where the leaves come together, so we can see where the drops divide.

Now go back to the order form and fill it in. Print out the order form and
mail it to us with the pattern.

That's it!  Click on this line to go back to the order form.