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Colors for Top of Elite Pad   
These colors are for THE ELITE PAD
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Mahogany  Blonde Woodgrain  Tan Woodgrain
Mahogany          Blonde Woodgrain   Tan Woodgrain

Antique Brown  Black  Brown Woodgrain
Antique Brown              Black                   Brown Woodgrain

Chocolate Woodgrain  Oak  Sandalwood
Chocolate Woodgrain          Oak                      Sandalwood       

  White Crush  White Woodgrain
      White Crush           White Woodgrain

Hickory  Washed Oak
 Hickory           Washed Oak

Colors for Bottom of Elite Pad

Brown Duravel  Burgundy Duravel  Green Duravel
Brown Velvet       Burgundy Velvet     Green Velvet

Tan Duravel
Tan Velvet

                                    The Athena

                                              These colors are for THE ATHENA PAD
                                    You may need to scroll down to see all of the colors

                                                Click on the color for a larger image

Colors for Top of Athena Pad

Mahogany  Blonde Woodgrain  Dark Mahogany
   Mahogany      Blonde Woodgrain   Dark Mahogany
Tan Woodgrain
  Antique Brown  Black 
Tan Woodgrain      Antique Brown              Black         

Brown Woodgrain  California Redwood  Chocolate Woodgrain
Brown                   California                   Chocolate
Woodgrain               Redwood                  Woodgrain

Cranberry  Georgia Pecan  Hickory
Cranberry            Georgia Pecan                Hickory

Hunter Green  Sienna  Oak
                            Hunter  Green                   Sienna                      Oak                                      

Rockefeller Biege  Sandalwood 
   Rockefeller Beige         Sandalwood        

  White Crush  White Woodgrain   DarkOak
White Crush       White Woodgrain       Dark Oak

Garnet Crush  Saddle   Maple
         Garnet Crush                Saddle                      Maple               
           Midnight Blue          Midnight Blue
               Midnight Blue                    Hunter Green         

Colors for Bottom of Athena Pad

Brown Duravel  Burgundy Duravel  Chestnut Suede
Brown Velvet     Burgundy Velvet    Chestnut Suede

Ebony Suede  Green Duravel  Tan Duravel
Ebony Suede       Green Velvet        Tan Velvet 

  Wine Suede
    Wine Suede 

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